We are New York based marketers who leverage culture, and influence to make relevant marketing campaigns
What we do?
Fueled by Culture is a talent-oriented, Creative & Event production company founded in deep personal relationships with the drivers of today's attention.
Event Production:
Working across industries, Fueled by Culture produces premium events at the intersection of creativity and culture. We leverage deep ties to talent to create interpersonal experiences intended to convert casual consumers into passionate brand advocates.
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Experiential Content Distribution and Integration
Not all of your consumers can experience your brand on-site. Fueled by Culture partners with publishers and platforms to amplify events by producing premium content designed to extend event reach and open new opportunities for revenue
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Talent Partnership & Brand Development
Fueled by Culture works with marketers to integrate talent into existing advertising compaigns, and partners directly with brands as afull-time brand development agency.
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Tom Davis
Forbes CMO

"I'm happy to be working with Fueled by Culture on several new projects."

Wyclef Jean
Rapper, Musician and Actor

"Fueled by culture understands Culture, any time they call I'll answer"

Tobias Harris
NBA, Philadelphia 76ers

"It was my pleasure to work with the Fueled by Culture team they made the activation feel as organic, and authentic as possible for me and it reflected on the final product!"

Ben Trinh, Postmates
Head of Entertainment and Brand

“It was great working with Fueled by Culture on a number of campaigns I was impressed by their execution as well as their connections with High-level talent, I look forward to working with them again in the near future.”

Connor Dougan
EA Sports / NBA Live

“It is always a pleasure working with Fueled by Culture, they are extremely proficient and understanding of our needs”

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